Sunday, May 24, 2009

razor phones

All Types of Covers For Razor Cell Phones

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Those that want to personalize their Motorola Razor (RAZR) would be happy to know that they have plenty of options with snap-on Razor covers and Razor skins. The Razor was originally made available in black but soon became available in blue or hot pink. Having a snap on cover or skin will protect your phone a great deal and therefore keep it maintained.

Skins and snap-on covers for Razor cell phones come in all shapes and sizes for people of all kinds of styles and passions. Covers range from standard colors (pink, blue, yellow, red) to neon versions of these colors. Tweety Bird, from the Warner Bros. cartoons; Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh; or Mickey Mouse covers are also available as covers for Razor cell phones not only for the kids but for adults who still enjoy cartoons and these loveable characters.

Baseball, Ice-Hockey, or other sports are also available.

Even flags of the world are made available as covers for Razor cell phones.

Well, the internet is your best port-of-call in finding what covers are available. Fortunately, skins or snap-on covers for Razor cell phones are not difficult to put on.

The New Razor Cell Phones From Motorola
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Motorola's ultra-popular, ultra-lightweight and ultra-thin clamshell Razor (RAZR) cell phone has, since 2007, seen an addition to its line with the new Razor cell phones that have come on the market. These all fall under the new Razor 2 line of Razor cell phones from Motorola.

The Razor 2 comes in three models that are almost identical, namely the Razor 2 V8, Razor 2 V9m and RAZR2 V9. The Razor 2 is two millimetres thinner than the original Razor (which was 89 x 53 x 13.9 millimetres). Here are some comments on these new Razor cell phones:

For further convenience, the Razor 2 has buttons on the side of the phone for quick access to common applications on the phone.

Running on a Linux-based interface the new Razor phone's software is a big step forward compared to the older Motorola interfaces. Each Razor 2 model has different memory options as well as color options. Razor 2 V8 - Colors: Blue, Grey. Memory: 512MB or 2GB on board memory.
Razor 2 V9 - Colors: Mahogany, Black. Memory: 50MB on board, MicroSD support of up to 8GB.
Razor 2 V9m -Colors: Sand, grey.
Razor 2 V9x - Colors: Licorice.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Razr Cell Phones

Blue Razor Cell Phones - Functionality and Design

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Blue Razor (RAZR) cell phones are basically the Motorola Razor V3i in a blue casing. MicroSD support now allowed for more music to be stored on the phone, so Motorola released a version of iTunes on the V3i but later replaced it with Motorola's Digital Audio Player (DAP). Design changes on the phone include both screens (internal and external) being upgraded to be more responsive and colorful. There is a little extra space around the external screen for an illuminated Motorola logo, which is a design change from the previous Razor phones. The Razor has always been popular due to its quad-phone capabilities (850/900/1800/1900 GSM, respectively). The phone includes MotoSpeak - Motorola's voice recognition software, and Motorola's multimedia programs and personal information management applications such as MotoMixer, Chat, Datebook, Calendar and so on. The chat features are highly extensive, supporting Instant Messaging protocols; and the phone supports e-mail over and above MMS and SMS options.

All in all, blue Razor cell phones are stylish phones that have great functionality and seem to be retaining their popularity, even in the fast moving cellular market.

Razor Cell Phones With Plenty of Applications

Razor (RAZR) cell phones come with entertainment, and the option of making more of the phone with downloading games, applications and music onto the phone. In this article we will be looking at the V3i Razor cell phones.

The basic applications that come preinstalled on V3i Razor cell phones are personal information management applications, such as your alarm clock, calculator, diary and a password saving program. The V3i was originally designed for entertainment which is why Motorola brings out these Razor cell phones with games, and that there are more games on the phone than applications. Bejeweled
Only the demo version of this puzzle game comes with this V3i. Flee
An adventure game where you have to flee from the country.

Solitaire also needs no introduction and is a mobile gaming favorite.

If you would like your Razor cell phone to come with more games, a simple search on the internet will produce a stack of websites where you can download games for free.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Latest Mobile Phones

Latest Mobile Phones - The Best Companions For the Modern People

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Some years ago, the mobile phone helped people just to communicate their near and dear ones. Due to the unbelievable changes in the technology field, these communication devices are now entered in the market as the Latest Mobile Phones with multimedia features like camera,radio, video player, Bluetooth, Internet connectivity, music player, storage capacity and games.

When these multipurpose mobile phones were launched in the market, only some of the people were able to purchase these phones as they offered at high prices in the market. All the mobile manufacturer companies have put their efforts to extend their business and to satisfy the demands of the mobile users, they started providing the latest technology mobile phones at an affordable prices. Now-a-days the latest mobile phones are inseparable from most of the people's lives.

One of the most astonishing features of the Latest Mobile Phones is the Internet.

Latest Mobile Phones - Walking With the Times
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There is a flood tide of mobile phones in the market. Target is to drag the customers anyhow to the respective mobile phone stores.

Today, desire to own latest mobile phones has taken the shape of some passion. In fact, sleek and attractive mobile phones have become more of fashion accessories. These high-end gadgets are loaded with astonishing features like Internet, FM radio, camera, video players, browsers etc. Nowadays, mobile phones have very much become one of the most prominent lifestyle items. Latest mobile phones aim for optimum satisfaction of the user. The hurricane of latest mobile phones have flooded the market and has somehow increased the standard of the industry. Fabulous offers teaming up with nicest of phones have indeed fetched numerous people to the mobile shop.

Thanks to the latest mobile phones revolution, that today nobody is completely ignorant about prominent mobile phone features like cameras, music players etc. Even a child today is capable of handling sophisticated mobiles. Reason being there user friendly interface.

Mobile manufacturing companies are ensuring all the ways to make people remain brand loyal all through their lives. Furthermore, features like radio, music players, music downloads, expandable memories have given birth to numerous music freaks today.

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